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FOR THE RECORD - Israel and the Palestinians: What The Media Aren't Telling You


"Israelis Humiliate Palestinians"

"Israeli Check-Points Obstruct Palestinians
From Getting to Work"

"Israel Closes Gaza Crossings as
Unemployment Escalates"

For too long, the Media has played fast and loose with the news in the Middle East. And always against the Israelis while assuaging Palestinian terrorism. Blatant falsehoods, doctored photographs and blood libels have become part of the mechanism for blaming the Israelis for everything in the Middle East from the war with Iraq, to the price of oil and the so-called Palestinian refugees.

The harsh reality of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is that it has been traumatic for the Israelis as well. Beyond the headlines and talking heads lies a complex reality that the media assiduously avoid. The Israelis are not the monsters that journalists have made them out to be. Indeed, more sinned against than sinning, they are a compassionate, fair and law-abiding nation which has faced far more pain and desolation than the world has been led to believe.

In For The Record-Israel & The Palestinians: What The Media Aren't Telling You, Mr. Katz humanizes the Israeli-Palestinian conflict to show the sacrifices, pain and courage of the Israelis, and exposes the hypocrisy of the media and the true nature of the Palestinians.

Through a series of letters to the media and political commentary, Mr. Katz delves into the heart of this conflict and brings a deeply human element to the images the world views on television and reads in the newspapers.